Pleasant Avenue

2016 美国
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2016 波兰 Marta Pajek
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惊天工程 第二季

2016 美国
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空中的生命 第一季

2016 英国 Simon bell 苏兰·琼斯
Documentary series exploring the remarkable animals from around the world that take to the air.
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2016 英国 苏兰·琼斯/Omri Rose
The sky is one of the world's most challenging places to live, but across the planet an extraordinary range of animals do something we can only dream of - take to the air. This show reveals the incredible adaptations and tactics and explains brand new discoveries that show how these anim
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2016 加拿大 Canada Ara Ball Richardson Zéphir/Sarah Ohutak/Jasvir Ssingh Sandhu/Natalie Tannous
This is the story of four people: ODNEY, RAJNI, ALUKI and MUFEEDA. Four lives, four journeys that led them in a search for freedom. Together they decide to live on the fringe of society and to finally find a place where they can do things their way.
2次 2019-03-18


2016 俄罗斯 Russia Alyona Simikina
Being a professional ballet dancer is an exhausting job. To live a fairy-tale on stage, ballet dancers have to suffer for their art behind the scenes: they follow a gruelling training schedule and stick to a strict diet. From an early age, they live in the ballet academy so that they ca
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2016 美国 Hazen Audel
Primal Survivor tracks wilderness guide and survival instructor Hazen Audel as he tackles some of mankind's most rigorous journeys, relying on skills learned from native inhabitants.After first living with the locals to understand their way of life, he sets out on solo journeys throug
3次 2019-03-18

Real Vikings

2016 加拿大 Canada 克莱夫·斯坦登/迈克尔·赫斯特
Actor Clive Standen, "Vikings'' creator Michael Hirst and Viking experts visit Viking sites, investigating Ragnar Lothbok and his sons.
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2016 美国 Rodney Wilson Joe Bocian, Brian Landis Folkins, Jenice Marshall | See full cast & crew
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2016 台湾 蔡银娟 范文芳/李李仁/唐治平/余若晴
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2016 中国大陆 刘一志 芦芳生/王媛可/牟星/李雨轩
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秘密 第二季

2016 巴西 Patrick Orlando Allan Ralph/Darla Ferreira/Dedéh Melo/Juliana Ferraz
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2016 中国大陆 钟伟杰
#消费时代# 每集会聚焦一种最新鲜的消费产品,由VICE中国的主持人亲身体验,力图搞清楚为什么大家会把钱花在这个地方、是谁把钱花在了这些地方,以及在花钱的背后,这个产业里又有着哪些有趣的人和故事。 第一部:恋爱训练班 近些年的中国逐渐兴起了一些增强恋爱能力,社交能力的培训班,颜值打分、性格打分、...
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2016 中国大陆
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