1 Last Chance at Paradise

2014 英国 Jason Impey Wade Radford/Connor Paganini/Honey Bane
A found footage style, gay romance film about love and memories, shared by two young guys soon after the worlds end! Kai & Tobi share one last night together, remembering a beautiful weekend they once had away from the oppression of Tobi's mother.
1次 2018-11-19

The Cocks of the Walk

2014 美国 Chris Caccioppoli David Weinheimer/Chris Caccioppoli/Michael Tow/Nico Elicerio
0次 2018-11-19

花蓮 かれん

2014 日本 五藤利弘 キタキマユ/三浦貴大/浦井なお/緑友利恵
2次 2018-11-18


2014 加拿大 Rick Bota David Arquette/Gloria Reuben/Daryl Shuttleworth
3次 2018-11-18


2014 美国
3次 2018-11-16

my gal sunday

2014 美国
3次 2018-11-16

Naturaleza muerta

2014 Argentina Gabriel Grieco Sabrina Carballo/Luz Cipriota/Ezequiel De Almeida/Cristian Toti Iglesias
In a town of Argentina, "the country of barbecues", people linked to the cattle industry start to disappear. A journalist start to research; soon she'll find out a dark secret.
5次 2018-11-16

Pierrot le fou

2014 法国 Jean-Marc Vincent Richard Sammel/让-皮埃尔·马丹/约瑟夫·玛勒巴
France, 1937-1947. In ten years, Pierre Loutrel will become Pierrot Le Fou, the forties' public enemy number one. A cop, Henri Cordeau, will do anything so stop him. For these two men and their companions, the war isn't over.
5次 2018-11-16

Show Time - Burning the BEAST

2014 韩国 Beast/尹斗俊/李起光/张贤胜
Show Time - Burning the Beast将向观众展示Beast真实的私下生活,并回答观众就Beast提出的问题。该节目强调是“真实性”,将舞台上看不见的Beast另一面魅力,平凡的20几岁大男生形象毫无保留地展示给粉丝。
3次 2018-11-16

Under the Autumn Moon

2014 美国 加里·耶茨 林蒂·布丝/韦斯·布朗/娜塔莉·林斯卡/Dean Redman
An ambitious executive scouts out a ranch for use for her company's retreats, but ends up finding romance instead. Soon enough, she has to make the choice between love and career.
5次 2018-11-16

Taipei Recyclers

2014 德國 Germany Nikki Schuster
A riot of sound and colour using trash collected from the streets of Taipei.
3次 2018-11-16

Abraham & Sarah, the Film Musical

2014 美国 Cathy Ellis Michael Lackey/Nancy Haywood/Randall W. Hahn/Mike Williams
Based upon the Biblical Account, this story brings to light the trials, tribulations, tests, and triumphs of Abraham, his wife Sarah, and his nephew Lot as they leave the land of Ur and head to the land God promised to Abraham. During that journey, through God's faithfulness and
5次 2018-11-16


2014 巴基斯坦 Nabeel Qureshi Javed Sheikh/Fahad Mustafa/Mohsan Abbas Haider
20次 2018-11-16

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman

2014 美国
8次 2018-11-15


2014 西班牙 Guillermo Kloetzer
The life of a seal is pretty unfair. During mating season, the strong ones take ten females each, nine males stay without a partner. This wildlife comedy observes a colony of seals and tells the story of one of them: We follow him through the crude beauty of birth, being fed by his mot
7次 2018-11-15