Who Hijacked Thabiso Kunene

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2011 中国大陆 宋遥平 宋之光/赵杨/姚金星
出品单位: 湖北电影制片厂 《山里山外》是一部反映某山区县溪山镇吃百家饭长大的采茶女王凤娇,不怕吃苦,百折不挠,勇于打拼,苦心钻研茶艺茶道,志在振兴茶叶产业,追求事业成功,又回报社会的励志传奇影片。本剧为新乡土题材,以溪山茶文化为背景,以“竹溪茶客”化名支持凤娇读书生活并扶持她创业——创立茶庄...
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2011 德国 Vincent Kesteloot
Welcome to a birthday party gone crazy and get ready for a butter cream food fight! Hold on to anything you can as you're swept off your feet and thrown into a dazzling spin deep into the castles catacombs. You'll have to overcome every obstacle with courage and quick thinking, but soli
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宇宙 第六季

2011 美国
EP01 改变行星的大灾难(Catastrophes that Changed the Planets) EP02 太阳的邪恶双子星 涅墨西斯(Nemesis: The Sun's Evil Twin) EP03 太阳系的形成(How the Solar System was Made) EP04 迫降火星(Crash Landing on Mars) EP05 地球的灾难时刻(Worst Days on Planet Ear
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2011 美国/巴基斯坦 Daniel Junge Mohammad Jawad
Every year hundreds of people -- mostly women -- are attacked with acid in Pakistan. SAVING FACE follows several of these survivors, their fight for justice, and a Pakistani plastic surgeon who has returned to his homeland to help them restore their faces and their lives. The
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2011 美国 Peter James Iengo Rob Yang/Joe Mele/Jamie Nicole Miller
Moments away from the greatest day of her life, Ally Park has no joy, no jitters and no love in her heart. Forced into consummating a loveless wedding by her overbearing, yet unsympathetic mother, Ally seeks a doorway to freedom to which only she has the key to...
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2011 美国 Peng Zhang Li Hu Sang
In 1937, Japan began their invasion of China by murdering over 300,000 people in the capital of Nanjing. The atrocities committed against women and their daughters are especially barbaric. In Beijing, there are rumors that a masked man is systematically killing Japanese soldiers, w
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2011 英国 本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇/马克·希普/理查德·布雷克
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野外求生夫妻档 第二季

2011 美国 Mark Westcott 麦克·霍克/Ruth England
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2011 美国 Robert H. Gardner
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El cuaderno de barro

2011 西班牙 伊萨基·拉库埃斯塔
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Severance Package

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2011 丹麦 Pernille Rose Grønkjær Eliza Bichmann/Sarah Agor/Nicole Brooks/Jeffrey Colt
Are you addicted to love? Through personal stories of love addicts and the people around them this documentary explores the nature of love addiction. It will seek to understand what happens when "love" takes over your life. If you are addicted to love, love becomes more of a struggle t
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2011 英国/瑞典/丹麦/爱尔兰 大卫·马肯兹 伊万·麦克格雷格/伊娃·格林/康妮·尼尔森/斯蒂芬·迪兰
这是一场发生在世界末日即将来临时的末世之恋。流行病学家苏珊(伊娃·格林 Eva Green)与餐厅主厨麦克(伊万·麦克格雷格 Ewan McGregor)相识、相恋,但无奈此时此刻的世界正在遭受一场新型流行病的侵袭。随着流行病的蔓延,患者会伴随着情绪失控逐渐丧失味觉、嗅觉 、听觉、直至最后丧失视觉。虽然苏珊和
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欢乐道场 第一季

2011 美国 Eric Dean Seaton Jason Earles/Leo Howard/Olivia Holt
山葵鲍比空手道馆连锁最差的一家道馆,就是由鲁迪老师(Sensei Rudy,Jason Earles饰)经营的这家山葵鲍比武术学校了。为了提升道馆形象,拯救道馆命运,在道馆学习的这些边缘学生们把刚转学来的新生杰克(Jack,Leo Howard饰)拉进了道馆。而杰克恰巧得到过他爷爷的真传,功夫高强。杰克与新加入的女生金
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