O Rio Vouga

1933 葡萄牙 Artur Costa de Macedo
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1935 意大利/葡萄牙 Artur Costa de Macedo
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A Parada dos Clubes

1933 葡萄牙 Artur Costa de Macedo
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Vistas de Santarém

1936 葡萄牙 Artur Costa de Macedo
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Aspectos de Santarém

1936 葡萄牙 Artur Costa de Macedo
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NYSNA Shorts: Innovations in Organizing: The Albany Medical

2018 美国 Gabe Kristal
Nurses helped defeat a vicious anti-union campaign to win a landslide union victory through the use of progressive digital strategies.
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2009 挪威/俄罗斯/格鲁吉亚 Olga Konskaya Vissarion Apliaa/Valery Gergiev/Olga Konskaya/Marat Kulakhmetov
The film starts as a journey by the two directors-protagonists. Olga and Andrei, on the two sides of the frontline during the Russian-Georgian was in August 2008. A film on such a hot political (and geopolitical) subject first of all establishes emotional contact with the audience b
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2007 中国大陆 凤凰卫视 陈晓楠/俾斯麦/阿道夫·希特勒/约瑟夫·戈培尔
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2018 美国/新加坡 陈善治 陈善治/Sophia Siddique Harvey/Georges Cardona
1992年,少年谭珊蒂和她的朋友索菲和茉莉拍摄了新加坡的第一部独立电影-一部名为“偷懒者”的公路电影-和他们神秘的美国导师乔治·卡多纳(Georges Cardona)一起拍摄。桑迪写了剧本,饰演主角,一个叫S的杀手。拍摄结束后,乔治和所有的镜头一起消失了!20年后,16毫米罐在新奥尔良被找到,桑迪-现在是洛杉矶的
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宇宙 第六季

2011 美国
EP01 改变行星的大灾难(Catastrophes that Changed the Planets) EP02 太阳的邪恶双子星 涅墨西斯(Nemesis: The Sun's Evil Twin) EP03 太阳系的形成(How the Solar System was Made) EP04 迫降火星(Crash Landing on Mars) EP05 地球的灾难时刻(Worst Days on Planet Ear
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宇宙 第四季

2009 美国
EP01 死星 EP02 月球消失后的日子 EP03 它,从天而降 EP04 爆炸之最 EP05 搜索环状行星 EP06 摧毁地球的十种方式 EP07 搜寻宇宙星团 EP08 太空战争 EP09 液体宇宙 EP10 脉冲星与类星体 EP11 科幻与科学事实 EP12 极端能量
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2017 美国 亚历克斯·吉布尼
Investigative documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney—best known for 2008’s Oscar-winning Taxi to the Dark Side, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, and at least a dozen others—turns his sights on the 1994 Loughinisland massacre, a cold case that remains an open wound in the I
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糕点大都会 第一季

2017 英国 Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood rekindles his baking roots as he travels the globe in search of the family bakeries, corner delis and luxury hotels which have created the baking heritage of entire cities. During these city breaks, Paul is inspired once again to produce delicious recipes in the very pla
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Paul Hollywood: A Baker's Life

2017 英国 Paul Hollywood
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2018 美国 Don Hardy Jr.
一部有关小奶汪成长为导盲犬的纪录片《崽之抉择》(Pick of the Litter,暂译)曝光预告,影片围绕五只刚出生的小奶汪展开。影片也细致追踪一个优良导盲犬从欢脱的幼崽到专业导盲犬的过程。该片由达娜·纳赫曼、唐·哈代联手打造。即将在斯兰丹斯电影节亮相。
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