2008 菲律宾 Cesar Aquino Andrew Schimmer/Mon Confiado/Angelina Roa/Simon Ibarra
塔加拉语: Kasaysayan ng isang impersonator sa isang pipitsuging gay bar. Si Lito (Andrew Schimmer) ay minana ang trabaho ng kanyang ama (Simon Ibarra) na naging impersonator sa isang gay bar na pag-aari ni Mang Tano (Chris Dalus). May relasyon ang ama ni Lito at si Mang Tan
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2017 德国 Stefan Aretz 桑德拉·伯格曼/Jörg Westphal/Valentin Schreyer/Chris Gebert
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2013 德国 Christin Freitag Johannes Gäde/Tilman Pörzgen/Jan-David Bürger
Late summer in Berlin. The city is pulsating and friends Fabian, Bene, and Richard are wandering aimlessly through the big urban jungle. Against Fabian's quiet protest, the friends ridicule outsider Jakob. The aggression escalates when one night the boys make their way into Jako
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2000 美国 Kristen Bjorn Kristen Bjorn
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2014 西班牙/德国 Benjamin Chimoy Florian Anderer/Alberto Esparza/Eva María Milara/Jakob Renger
Gabriel, a 32-year-old Spanish man lives in Germany with his boyfriend Lars, far away from his conservative family. Time and again he remembers his childhood in daydreams.
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2018 美国/墨西哥 Jake Jaxson Levi Karter/Allen King/Calvin Banks/Jacen Zhu
COCKYBOYS系列新电影“Love & Lost & Found”2018年4月中旬登场。
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2009 西班牙 祖安马·卡里罗
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1984 美国 James Goldstone Hart Bochner/Jane Seymour/Robert Carradine
This is the 1980s made for TV version of the Ernest hemingway novel about an ex-soldier who suffered some sort of injury to his genitals during World War I. Instead of going back home to the USA, he hangs out in Paris with a bunch of other wounded souls, some wounded physically
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2015 荷兰/中国大陆 Sophia Luvarà
Andy’s father knows that his son is gay but, determined to conform to social conventions, he urges him to find a lesbian who is willing to marry him. Cherry has already entered into a bogus marriage, but now her parents expect their only daughter to provide them with a grandchild so tha
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2018 台湾 王小棣 谢怡芬/蓝钧天/郑靓歆/江宜蓉
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2015 英国/加拿大 Canada Aaron Ellis Aaron Ellis/Justin Liles/Jamie Knox
After his family falls apart Joshua is forced to move to Canada to live with his estranged father. It is there he meets Jay, a local tattoo artist. The two becomes closer despite the negativity that surrounds them.
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2017 比利时 Noel Alejandro Valentin/Pierre
About a young man who seems to have it all: he’s talented, intelligent and attractive. Still, something feels permanently out of place, and he falls into commanding sadness. He can feel the desolation taking over when he receives a visit from a curious supernatural presence. Feeling s
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2018 台湾 徐誉庭 邱泽/陈如山/谢盈萱/黄圣球
妈妈三莲(谢盈萱 饰)为家付出一切,可怎样也无法忍受外遇的亡夫(陈如山 饰)竟把保险理赔金留给外人,还是个男人(邱泽 饰)。她决定代子出征,直踏小王门户开战。却没想到叛逆儿子(黄圣球 饰)竟然窝里反,倒阵入宿外人家。三莲恨亡夫让她变成不被爱的“小三”。更焦虑于她生命中的另一个男人也可能离她而去
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2017 加拿大 Maxime Beauchamp Jhomar Suyom/Oliver Birmingham/Andrew Nadanyi/Jared Khalifa
Logan is a 16 year old boy whose mother just passed away and now is left alone with his abusive father, Vince. Afraid that his son is not manly enough, or even worse, homosexual, Vince tattoos on Logan's body words that will force him to remember what kind of man he shouldn't be; weak
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America Mappillai

2018 印度 Praveen Padmanabhan Raja Krishnamoorthy/Arjun Chidambaram/Namita Krishnamurthy/Ragesh Ram
Ganesh is a young man who his father constantly nags to get married. His gay friend suggests that Ganesh pretend to be gay so as to avoid marriage. Ganesh acts out the plan but there are unintended consequences.
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