Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King

1993 美国 Jeff Feuerzeig David Fair,Jad Fair,Penn Jillette,Maureen Tucker
A documentary covering the rise of extremely alternative ban
1970-01-01 08:01:00

Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

2009 美国 Randall Moldave Teller,Penn Jillette
"Bullshit!" redirects here. For the card game, see Bullshit
1970-01-01 08:01:00

Penn & Teller: Fool Us

2010 英国 Penn Jillette,Teller,Jonathan Ross
Penn & Teller go to the U.K to find a magician who can "fool
1970-01-01 08:01:00

"Biography" Houdini: The Great Escape

1994 美国 Alison Guss Harry Houdini,Patrick Culliton,Penn Jillette,Teller
1970-01-01 08:01:00