Alienators: Evolution Continues(2001)

Alienators: Evolution Continues/

更新: 2018-10-28
年份: 2001 / 地区: 美国
类型: 动作 动画 喜剧 / 豆瓣:0分 / IMDB:6.2分
导演: Will Meugniot
演员: Kristie Marsden
语言:英语 / 片长:
Alienators: Evolution Continues剧情介绍

Taking up where the movie Evolution (2001) left off, this animated series features Dr. Ira Kane, Dr. Henry Block, Wayne Green, along with new character Lt. Lucy, as they try to stop the spreading of the alien organisms known as the Genus. Each episode features the Genus evolving into a new form of life, infecting the Earth.

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