Son of Ali Baba(1952)

Son of Ali Baba/阿里巴巴之子(港)

年份: 1952 / 地区: 美国
类型: 奇幻 动作 冒险 / 豆瓣:0分 / IMDB:5.9分
导演: Kurt Neumann
演员: 托尼·柯蒂斯 派珀·劳瑞 苏珊·卡伯特
语言:英语 / 片长:75
Son of Ali Baba剧情介绍

In medieval Persia, Kashma Baba is a military cadet by day and a roisterer by night. The morning after a rowdy banquet, Kiki, an escaped slave, takes shelter under Kashma's roof. Word comes that the wicked Caliph is looking for her; but Kashma, by this time in love, flees with her to his father's palace. Alas, there's more to Kiki than meets the eye. Will the evil schemers succeed? The sons of the Forty Thieves to the rescue!

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