Gräsänklingar/One-Week Bachelors

年份: 1982 / 地区: 瑞典
类型: 喜剧 / 豆瓣:0分 / IMDB:5.2分
演员: 约斯塔·埃克曼 Janne Carlsson Börje Nyberg Sten Johan Hedman
语言:瑞典语 / 片长:99

Gräsänklingar是一部喜剧片,Gary is an architect. He is an orderly, timed and mild mannered person. Lasse is a boisterous and happy-go-lucky kind of a chap. It isn't that he won't take no for an answer, it's more a matter of that he doesn't have the time to listen to whatever you have to say. They haven't met, but they soon will. Both of them has accompanied their respective wives to the airport. After saying their goodbyes they both head back to town, Gary by bus and Lasse in his car. But Gary is too late for the bus and when Lasse offers him a lift he accepts, unaware that it will be the starting point of the most tumultuous week of his life. Lena plays Gary's adulterous love interest. Nina. While most of this movie could be categorized as modern day slapstick the Lena segments provide a change of pace and provides some depth it would otherwise lack.

Gary's wife goes away for a week and Gary expects a week of hard work at the office. After having left her at the airport, he misses the bus. But the car mechanic Lasse gives him a ride. Although they are unlike each other, they get to know each other. Gary makes a mess of everything and can't avoid Lasse.

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