更新: 2018-10-27
年份: 2011 / 地区: 美国
类型: 悬疑 / 豆瓣:0分 / IMDB:8.6分
导演: Steven Alexander
语言:英语 / 片长:89

Two brothers find themselves on opposite sides of a manhunt. Marcus Cole (Todd Thomas) arrives in New York City to start a new life and find his brother Malcolm Cole (Steven Alexander), an FBI agent, who along with his partner Rosebud (Ian McGrady) are on the trail of serial killer. Marcus gets more than he bargains for when he gets entangled in a love triangle between Det. James Freeman (Nick Hardin), a racist NYPD Detective and Diane Marshall (Teresa DePriest), the daughter of a prominent Senator (Ron Sheppard). When Diane suddenly ends up dead, Marcus and Det. James Freeman hurl toward a collision course that leaves many questions unanswered.

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