False Impressions(1932)

False Impressions/

更新: 2018-10-27
年份: 1932 / 地区: 美国
类型: 喜剧 短片 / 豆瓣:0分 / IMDB:4.7分
导演: 莱斯利·皮尔斯
语言:英语 / 片长:
False Impressions剧情介绍

Lloyd, Marjorie and Dorothy work in a department store, he in the toy section and the gals sell music sheets. He's got eyes for Marjorie, but she feels she can do better, and takes up an offer to go with a rich playboy to his estate for a weekend party. Suspicious Lloyd follows, disguised as a butler, wearing his old "Ham" mustache.

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