The X-Effect(2006)

/The X Effect / The XEffect / MTV The X-Effect/分手后遗症 / 前妻前夫后遗症

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年份: 2006  / 地区: USA 
类型:未知 / 豆瓣:0.0分 / IMDB:4.2分
导演:Barbara Carratala Bonds 
演员:Thomas Bridegroom ...  Himself 
语言:English  / 片长:

The X-Effect剧情介绍

The X-Effect是一部片,If you were reunited with your former love, would you close the door on the past or re-kindle the flame? This is just the question that MTV's new show The X Effect asks. We invite two exes and their current significant others to a romantic resort for what both couples thing will be a weekend of romance, heartbreak and revelations. Once we get there, however, only the exes are invited to stay, while the new partners are sent home. Or so it seems. What the exes don't know is that their new loves will be spying on their every move. As the exes revisit the past "in private," feelings resurface and relationships are put to the test. The significant others find out how their partners really feel--and learn that sometimes the truth hurts. In the end the exes must face off with their rivals, own up to their actions and choose between old love and new. Are they still caught up in the past--or are they just over it? Find out on The X Effect.

Ex boyfriend and girlfriend take their new boyfriend/girlfriend on a weekend get-a-way knowing their ex will be there but end up staying the weekend with their exs while their actual date ...


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