Bolívar, sinfonía tropikal(1979)

/Bolívar, a Tropical Symphony

更新:2019-05-10 03:05:47
年份: 1979  / 地区: 委内瑞拉 Venezuela 
类型:剧情 传记  / 豆瓣:0.0分 / IMDB:7.3分
演员:Temístocles López Antonio Edua 
语言:西班牙语  / 片长:75

Bolívar, sinfonía tropikal剧情介绍

Bolívar, sinfonía tropikal是一部剧情,传记片,In this film, Venezuelan director Diego Risquéz has focused on the life of South America's famed libertador, Simón Bolívar. He explores the episodes in Bolívar's life and tragic death by using images alone (no dialogue), a technique that makes his subject matter quite abstruse. Only viewers already familiar with the legend of the man and the early history of Venezuela will recognize many of the symbols and the storyline.

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