2018 英国 汤姆·库克 Ella Al-Shamahi/Aldo Kane
We all have a biological clock ticking away inside us that governs our daily rhythms. This affects our health as much as our diet and whether we exercise. So what can we do to manage this internal clock better? To find out, evolutionary biologist Ella Al-Shamahi locks former command
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Make Up

2020 英国 Claire Oakley 莫莉·温德索尔/约瑟夫·奎恩/斯蒂芬妮·马蒂尼
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1965 英国 Christopher Morahan David Buck/Joseph O'Conor/Jane Merrow/Cyril Shaps
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1971 英国 Rudolph Cartier 理查德·约翰逊/西里尔·谢普斯
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Hush-a-Bye Baby

1990 英国 Margo Harkin Emer McCourt/Michael Liebman/Cathy Casey
A pregnant Irish girl tries to contact her boyfriend in British prison but her letters are not allowed through to him because she writes in Irish.
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2009 英国 Andrea Harkin
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2016 希腊/英国/美国 David Beilinson 乔纳森·埃梅斯/拉里·戴维/Tom Harkin/Gábor Máté
America is experiencing an epidemic of pain. One man has the answer to the problem yet the medical establishment has ignored him. For nearly 50 years, Dr. John Sarno has been single-handedly battling the pain epidemic by focusing on the mind-body connection and the nature of stress a
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1 Last Chance at Paradise

2014 英国 Jason Impey Wade Radford/Connor Paganini/Honey Bane
A found footage style, gay romance film about love and memories, shared by two young guys soon after the worlds end! Kai & Tobi share one last night together, remembering a beautiful weekend they once had away from the oppression of Tobi's mother.
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2013 英国 Damien Goodwin 布莱克·瑞特森/David Ajala
A doctor indulges the delusions of a patient to overcome a past tragedy and bring them back to reality.
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2010 英国 Melly Stil Gary Carr/David Ajala/Michelle Lukes/Nick Malinowski
A parallel world, 1860. Two teenagers thrown together by a tsunami that has destroyed Mau’s village and left Daphne shipwrecked on his South Pacific island, thousands of miles from home. One wears next to nothing, the other a long white dress; neither speaks the other’s language;
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Imaginary Stock

2006 英国 Dominic Stinton
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Taking Stock

2017 英国 Duncan Cowles
Using his failed attempts at creating profitable stock footage, a filmmaker reflects on the absurd, mundane and funny side of being trapped inside your own head as an out of work, self-employed freelancer.
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Harry and Toto

2008 英国 Paul Shuttleworth
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囚禁 第一季

2019 英国 本·查纳 卡勒姆·特纳/荷丽黛·格兰杰
Produced by Heyday Television and NBCUniversal International Studios, The Capture is the brainchild of writer-director Ben Chanan (Cyberbully). An acutely timely surveillance thriller set in London, The Capture begins with the unjust arrest of an innocent man and soon esc
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2009 英国 Catherine Taylor Caroline Haines/Rachel Waters/Laura Evans
一部关于AV类型的吸血鬼影片,总体到达cult风格. 夜幕下的伦敦是吸血鬼的世界,奥莉是她们的领袖,而夜幕下的伦敦是伊莎贝尔的噩梦,她在醉意中被人奸杀,幸得奥莉相救,而这个看似不幸中的万幸却是一场更大的噩梦,最后伊莎贝尔只有选择在日出时跳楼自尽才能摆脱这一切。。。。。。
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