1999 泰国 Sam Yuranant Pamommontri/Kat Katreeya English/Ruj Ronnapop/Jarunee Suksawat (Ple)
Salak Jit (Joy)的爸爸Pabu Pakdeebordin是Pakdeebordin家族的长子, 他在英国留学的时候,他认识了一名英国女子Margaret ,然后相爱了。他寄了一封家书回家告知Pak Pakdeebordin爵爷, 他不会放弃Margaret。 爵爷很愤怒,因为儿子的任性,不能履行和Jantra家族的婚约,他要取消长子继承权,与此同时,...
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2003 泰国 Manop Udomdej
Based on a true crime that took place in a remote Thai village in 1977, a young woman's body is found stranged and raped along a stretch of railroad tracks. Two local police officers are on the case and through their plodding ways they uncover a crime that is darker than they ever imagi
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2002 泰国 Manop Janjarasskul Chalad Na Songkhla
An ordinary Bangkok bachelor, Ray's life is turned upside down when he is convicted and jailed for the accidental killing of a pedestrian. Life behind bars is bitter and violent - but then the warden offers him respite from his torment... by asking him to monitor and report on the acti
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Prachachon nok

1981 泰国 Manop Udomdej
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Ka lok bang dai sha, ka lok na dai korn

1991 泰国 Manop Udomdej Angkana Timdee/Surasak Wongthai
While breaking into a house, Tuang kills the owner and escapes, while Salak is caught. On his way to court, Salak escapes. In a small town, Boonpreng offers Salak a ride and then a job at his gas station. All goes well until Boonpreng's wife discovers Salak's past and blackmails
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1994 泰国 Sarunyu Wongkrachang/安·希里亚姆·帕克迪杜姆朗格瑞特/Ornanong Panyawong/Sattawat Doonwichit
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2005 泰国 帕德容琶·砂楚/索纳拉姆·塞皮塔克/Louis Ummarin Simaroj/May Orwannasa Tarnwised
簡介:(來自milley ) 男主角從小被仇家收養,男主角的父親以為兒子葬身火海,發誓要報殺子之仇。 二十多年後,男主角的父親派人暗殺男主角的養父,還叫女兒Paravee(也就是男主角的妹妹,劇中的女配角)接近男主角,伺機報仇。女配角成為男主角的私人助理,男主角本想帶女配角回家,卻陰錯陽差將女主角Jane帶
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2014 泰国 Pon Worravarunyou 宝拉·泰勒/Wiwat Kongrasri
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2004 泰国 Wiwat Thongprasoertsom Odette Henriette Jacqmin/Black Phomtong/Phongsakon Chubua
Lazy is a professional fraudster who gets involved in a conflict between two opposing groups dealing with gambling and money laundering. She gets help from her gangster boyfriend who possesses a magical spell. Together they are trying to stash enough money so that they can get married.
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2011 泰国 Poh Nattawut Skidjai/Laknara Piatha/卡侬尼·加萨米特诺/Ruangsak Loychusak
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2010 泰国 Nitivat Cholvanichsiri Richard Ghiani/Petchtai Wongkamlao
In a Southern province in Thailand, a young boy lives with his uncle and a monkey called Kapi. When the uncle dies, the boy is threatened by a real estate tycoon who wants to buy their land and turn it into a resort. The boy has to train Kapi to enter a coconut-picking competition,
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2010 泰国 Nui Chernyim Chusak Aiemsuk/Jaturong Mokjok/Mic Thongraya/Nui Chernyim
Kuad and Kai are siblings who are apart from one another since their childhood. Kuad is brought up in a slum and supports his life by playing gambling whereas Kai is with his grandmother. When an accident causes grandmother to be in a coma and need more money for the cure, Kai begins
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2003 泰国 Note Chernyim Napussakorn MitrEm/Nithiporn Munnark/Jaturong Mokjok/Noo Chernyim
They are 5 boys who rent a house and stay together, They are Nok, David, Doa, Kung and Saifah. They have their own ambitions and dream. Nok is a boxer came from country side, he wants to become a star, David dreams to have the proformance magic together with David Coperfield. W...
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2017 泰国 Pariphan Wacharanon Kong Huayrai/Singto Numchok/Ball chernyim/Paisan Khunnu
เมื่อมะลิ (ก้อง ห้วยไร่) พ่อค้าไข่เจียวรถเข็นลูกค้าติดตรึม ถูกเพื่อนยุให้แข่งขันรายการ ไข่เจียวไทยไปไข่โลก เขาจำต้องพึ่งพาความช่วยเหลือจาก พริ้นซ์ (สิง...
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2003 泰国 Thanit Jitnukul Woravit Kaewphet .... Sema/Poomarin Janjit .... Sin/Sawinee Pookaroon .... Lady Rayrai
这个故事发生在19世纪初期,皇室与乡村,权力与爱情的一场悲惨击烈的战争…… 思玛跟随大师学习剑术卓绝,一心要加入皇家军队忠君报国,学成归来后却因家境贫苦不得不靠打造兵器来还债…… 同时他深深地爱上了高贵美丽的长官的女儿里莱,但里莱的父亲将她许配给在皇家剑术比武大赛上公认的第一剑手肯,为了拥
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