Gulliver Quinn

2012 美国 罗布·施拉布 塞布丽娜·卡彭特/乔恩·海德/Zoe Jarman/Joey Bragg
A grown man enrolls in the seventh grade after his family returns from a 15-year research expedition.
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2016 美国 罗伯特·休斯 帕梅拉·阿德龙/戴德里克·巴德/迪·布拉雷·贝克尔/塞布丽娜·卡彭特
The creators of Phineas and Ferb present a series about the descendant of the namesake for Murphy's law, which states that if anything can go wrong, it will.
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女孩成长记 第二季

2015 美国 莱德尔·斯特朗 罗温·布兰查德/Ben Savage/塞布丽娜·卡彭特/Peyton Meyer
《女孩成长记 第二季》是由莱德尔·斯特朗执导,罗温·布兰查德/Ben Savage/塞布丽娜·卡彭特/Peyton Meyer/丹妮拉·费舍等主演的家庭喜剧,于2015-05-12(美国)首播 。
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女孩成长记 第三季

2016 美国 乔尔·兹维克 罗温·布兰查德/Ben Savage/塞布丽娜·卡彭特/Peyton Meyer
Riley, Maya, Lucas, and Farkle head to High School. Riley and Maya are intimidated by the older kids. Meanwhile, Lucas and Zay try out for the football team and gets picked on by the other players. Farkle and Smackle are hanging out with the brainiacs and fit in with them real
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2016 美国 John Schultz 塞布丽娜·卡彭特/马克斯·洛伊德-琼斯/吉莲·韦格曼
Two teen rival babysitters Jenny and Luci, team up to hunt down one of their kids who accidentally run away into the big city without any supervision.
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