• 杀手龙虎斗(港)


    Cry of a Prostitute/Guns of the Big Shots/The Big Shots/犯罪/剧情/意大利语/Adelchi Bianchi/Henry Silva/Barbara Bouchet/Fausto Tozzi

    Leave it to Italian sleazemeister Andreas Bianchi (here co-directing with his brother)to take a brutally violent and borderline misogynist genre like the Italian "polizieschi" and actually up the ante considerably. This movie begins with drug dealers trying to smuggle drugs into Italy sewed up in the body of a dead child(!), and it only gets more gratuitousl...

    2018-07-22 10
  • Il grande racket

    [1976]Il grande racket[豆瓣0分]

    The Big Racket/犯罪/恐怖/意大利语/Enzo G. Castellari/Fabio Testi/Vincent Gardenia/Renzo Palmer

    The Big Racket benefits immensely from a strong leading performance courtesy of Fabio Testi (star of What Have They Done to Solange). Testi's portrayal of the angry police officer is perfectly judged to fit the movie, and I don't think there is an actor who could be better suited to playing the lead in this movie. He heads a strong Italian cast, who all do w...

    2018-07-22 10
  • 灰色人


    /犯罪/惊悚/英语/Scott L. Flynn/Patrick Bauchau/Jack Conley/Silas Weir Mitchell

    本片讲述了,在30年代的美国,一个谋杀儿童的连环杀手Albert Fish的故事。 A solid thriller about Albert Fish (a very fine performance by Patrick Bauchau), the real life serial killer of children in 1930's America. Fish seemed a harmless old man, but in 1934 he was arrested as the murderer of several missing children he somehow duped their families into leaving h...

    2018-07-21 11
  • 大城市


    The Big City/犯罪/剧情/葡萄牙语/Carlos Diegues/Leonardo Villar/Anecy Rocha/Antonio Pitanga

    The theme deplores the conditions of the slum quarters of Rio (and ghettos everywhere) and finds a young girl from the provinces who comes to Rio de Janiero in search of her fiance and finds he is a feared and hunted criminal. The scenes between the idealistic-but-trapped young lovers is depicted in soft images of tenderness and sensitivity that leads to a c...

    2018-07-21 11
  • 托尼罗姆


    /犯罪/剧情/悬疑/西班牙语 / 英语/Gordon Douglas/Frank Sinatra/Jill St. John/Richard Conte/Gena Rowlands

    Tony Rome is an ex-cop turned private eye in Miami Beach. For 200 he returns to her father's house a young woman who's passed out in a seedy hotel and keeps the hotel's name out of it. Trouble is, she's missing a diamond pin and tough guys show up at Tony's boat looking for it. When the pin does turn up, it's fake, so the girl's father, a wealthy builder, hi...

    2018-07-20 16
  • 最美丽的妻子


    最美丽的妻子/The Most Beautiful Wife/犯罪/剧情/意大利语/Damiano Damiani/Ornella Muti/Alessio Orano/Tano Cimarosa

    Based on the story of Franca Villa and Filippo Melodia. In Sicily, as a Mafia boss leaves for prison, he advises Vito, a young man who's his potential successor, to marry a virtuous and poor woman. Vito's eye settles on Francesca, only 15, but lovely and self-possessed. Among her virtues are high self worth and forthright speech, so although she falls in lov...

    2018-07-20 13
  • 罪爱


    情杀局中局(港)/罪爱诱惑(台)/Love Crime/犯罪/悬疑/惊悚/法语/阿兰·科诺/克里斯汀·斯科特·托马斯/露德温·塞尼耶/Patrick Mille/Guillaume Marquet

    表面上看来,克里斯汀(克里斯汀·斯科特·托马斯 Kristin Scott Thomas 饰)和伊莎贝尔(露德温·塞尼耶 Ludivine Sagnier 饰)之间的关系简直就是上司与下属之间关系的典范,可实际上,在两人之间,深深的嫌隙早已经生根发芽。 对于克里斯汀来说,伊莎贝尔的才华就是自己的摇钱树,通过一系列不道德的手段,克里斯汀利用伊莎贝尔为自己谋得了巨大的利益。而对于伊莎贝尔来说,上司的蛮...

    2018-07-20 11
  • 阴影


    WHAT BECAME OF US/犯罪/剧情/惊悚/芬兰语 / 俄语/Miika Ullakko/Jere Laukkanen/Miroslav Laur/Emilia Räisänen


    2018-07-20 11
  • 正面交锋


    /犯罪/悬疑/英语/Tom McLoughlin/Andie MacDowell/Daniel Sunjata/Ashley Williams/Annabeth Gish

    基于畅销犯罪小说家Patricia Cornwell的小说改编,讲述了一位光芒四射的地区检察官Monique Lamont为了继续她的政治梦想,和侦探Garano组队破解一桩数十年悬而未决的谋杀案。

    2018-07-19 16
  • Le pacha

    [1968]Le pacha[豆瓣0分]

    Pacha, Le/Fredda alba del commissario Joss, La (Italy)/Pasha (International: English title)/犯罪/剧情/法语/Georges Lautner/Jean Gabin

    Six months before his retirement from the criminal police, inspector Joss finds his colleague Gouvion dead, in a poorly faked suicide attempt. Joss loses his temper, and investigates on his own, which leads him through the bas-fond of Paris.

    2018-07-19 10
  • Pronto ad uccidere

    [1976]Pronto ad uccidere[豆瓣0分]

    Meet Him and Die/Risking/犯罪/惊悚/意大利语/Franco Prosperi/Ray Lovelock/Martin Balsam/Elke Sommer

    An Italian revenge- themed crime film. A young man tries to rob a jewellery store but gets caught and sent to prison. Inside he befriends a crime boss and they break out together. After this comes the first plot twist which I'm not going to reveal...All in all an entertaining crime flick for fans of European hardboiled cinema of the seventies. Includes a tru...

    2018-07-19 10
  • 米兰黑帮战争


    Gang War in Milan/黑人物(港)/犯罪/剧情/意大利语/Umberto Lenzi/Antonio Sabato/Philippe Leroy/Antonio Casagrande

    Salvatore "Toto" Cangemi(Antonio Sabato) is a sicilian who has made it big in Milan as a crime boss, his area being prostitution. He is approached by a French crime boss know as "Le Capitaine" he wants to go into business with Toto using his hookers to sell his drugs, only problem is the French aren't giving Toto much of an option. He decides against it and ...

    2018-07-19 10
  • One Step Away

    [1985]One Step Away[豆瓣0分]

    /犯罪/英语/Robert Fortier/Diana Belshaw/基努·里维斯/肖恩·麦卡恩

    Ron Petrie (Keanu Reeves) is a teenager who has a police record and is a pariah in the apartment block where he lives with his mother. He falls in with a gang whose members are plotting to attack an elderly person, but backs out and returns home to face the justice system. Meanwhile, Ron's mother is behind on her rent and under pressure by a landlord (Sean M...

    2018-07-19 10
  • The Manson Family

    [2003]The Manson Family[豆瓣0分]

    Charlie's Family/Cult Killers/犯罪/剧情/恐怖/英语/Jim Van Bebber/Marcelo Games/Marc Pitman/Leslie Orr

    2018-07-18 13
  • 路尽骄阳


    路尽骄阳/犯罪/剧情/英语 / 西班牙语 / 日语 / Armenian/Mun Chee Yong/Will Yun Lee/Fernando Noriega/Luke Brandon Field/Jesse Garcia

    A drama centered on a man dealing with the aftereffects of being in a coma caused by a car accident. Where the Road Meets the Sun is the powerful and moving story of four disparate men whose lives briefly intersect in a rundown Hollywood Hotel. After waking from a four-year coma, Takashi, a Japanese hit man, struggles with mysterious and traumatic memories. ...

    2018-07-18 12
  • 执行者


    执行者/犯罪/剧情/意大利语/Steno/Enrico Maria Salerno/Mariangela Melato/Mario Adorf

    Director Steno (birth name: Stefano Vanzina) is best known as a director of comedy (e.g. films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill), but this crime thriller is everything but a comedy. It tells the gripping story of an organized vigilante group that kills criminals who couldn't be convicted by the police. Enrico Maria Salerno is brilliant as the police officer...

    2018-07-18 12
  • 爱丽丝的失踪



    丹尼尔(马丁·康普斯顿 Martin Compston 饰)和长相彪悍的维克特(埃迪·马森 Eddie Marsan 饰)在狱中相识,维克特胆大凶狠,一心干票大买卖远走他乡。服刑期间他将目光锁定在20岁的富家女爱丽丝·克莉德(杰玛·阿特登 Gemma Arterton 饰)身上,于是出狱后策划和丹尼尔绑架爱丽丝勒索巨额赎金。经过一番缜密策划,他们成功将爱丽丝劫持到事先准备好的公寓。绑架、伪装、制作勒索短片...

    2018-07-17 16
  • 边境法规


    Border Law/犯罪/剧情/土耳其语/Lutfi Akad/Yilmaz Güney/Pervin Par/Hikmet Olgun

    Life at the border is very tough. The land is stony and dry, farmers plough fields of sand and illegal trafficking seems to be the only way to make a living. In Deliviran, a village near Urfa close to the Syrian border, Hidir’s chief is involved in smuggling and gets shot. Hidir tries to stay out of illegal activities but circumstances contrive to push him ...

    2018-07-17 13
  • 雨中的乘客



    A beautiful young woman in the South of France is stalked by, then raped by, a mysterious masked assailant. She shoots him dead soon afterwards and dumps his corpse in the sea. Later, an American investigator turns up, and to her horror he seems to know everything about what she has done......

    2018-07-17 14
  • 乌合之众


    乌合之众/犯罪/剧情/英语/J. Walter Ruben/Jean Harlow/Spencer Tracy/Mickey Rooney

    2018-07-17 11
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